Welcome to SAIL online store !

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to log in to SAIL Suraksha Website for placing orders

Please visit sailsuraksha.com and click on "Login/Signup" at the top right. If you already have a login ID and password, you may login with that. If you are a first time user, please click on "Signup" and fill in the required details.

2 Forgot Password

Please go to "Login" and click on "Forgot Password" and enter the registered email address. Your password reset link will be sent via email and you may login by resetting your password.

3 How to place order

1. Upon login, please choose your state & District. The products available in that district will get loaded

2. You may then click on the specific brand and select your location.

3. You will be able to view all the products of the specific brand being offered by SAIL.

4. Please choose the products and add them to the cart.

5. You may add multiple products from the same brand or multiple brands on the same cart.

6. Please review your products and then choose Proceed to Check out

7. You will now need to enter your delivery details, shipping address and then click Proceed

8. Confirm your details and proceed as per your selection of “Make Online Payment”

9. Submit your order.

10. An order confirmation will be sent via email, sms and the order details would reflect on the SAIL SURAKSHA website upon logging in.

4 Order Cancellations

Orders can be cancelled from the SAIL SURAKSHA website for such orders whose status are “Open” or “Accepted” only. For any other cancellation related queries please contact our helpline number 033 – 40908900.

5 Delivery Schedules

SAIL will endeavour to deliver the materials with 72 hours from the date of order confirmation. For further queries please refer to our shipping policy

6 Delivery charges

Delivery charges will be charged additionally. The same will be informed by our channel partners upon successful order confirmation. Free delivery within 10 KM of dealer’s premises.

7 Refund Policy

Once the order is cancelled, your refund will be initiated and completed within 10 working days.

8 Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order value is Rs 20,000